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Passionate About Inspiring Others


Daily commute, unappreciated, unpaid overtime, stress, pointless politics, people bettering themselves off the back of others.


I like many others found myself working like this. Working hard but not creating anything tangible or lasting.


I watch in horror as we destroy the natural environment that we live in and often feel powerless to help.


I can see that change is required, but fail to know what I can do to help.


By sitting back to reflect on what I would like to achieve in life, what I would like to leave for future generations and how I can benefit those around me I started to develop a plan to create something sustainable that people can become immersed in, seeing how changes made to everyday life can have a positive impact on reducing consumption, living more sustainably, yet still enjoying the benefits of modern life. I wanted to incorporate this into something that I enjoy and that would provide an income.

Growing up it was my passion to spend every available moment sitting in serene surroundings, bonding with my dad whilst fishing or enjoying the peace and quiet of camping in the countryside. From long walks to reach unspoilt river banks, to tranquil ponds at the break of dawn, with the mist drifting over a Stillwater.

Earlsdale is the culmination of my dreams. A beautiful setting in the foothills of the Shropshire Hills in a designated area of outstanding natural beauty and with fantastic fishing potential due to the spring fed water and natural bio-diversity.


This will be a record of my legacy and I hope it inspires and educates. I invite you to subscribe and share this journey, and as I complete the projects planned, I welcome you to visit Earlsdale and enjoy for yourselves.

overhead shot of earlsdale retreat and pontesford hill

Earlsdale is passionate about protecting the environment and to do our bit we intend to be as self-sustainable as possible and use mainly natural materials.

Plans for the site include solar electric generation, solar heating, rainwater harvesting and natural waste recycling.


Buildings are designed to be low impact, low carbon footprint. Natural, carbon sequestering materials are used wherever possible.


Please follow the YouTube link by subscribing for regular progress updates and if you would like to get involved feel free to volunteer or support the development by becoming a patron (click the link below).


In the future we would like to reach out to volunteers with an interest in natural building. Events will be advertised via this website and by email newsletters. Sign up for email updates for further information, to be notified of forthcoming events and to follow the progress.


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