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To begin the process of recording a Vlog I needed equipment that was simple to use - I have little (no) experience of video editing, but having watched a number of helpful YouTube videos I shortlisted the equipment below;


Please note: many of these links are affiliate links, so if you purchase any of these items through links on this page, we will receive a small commission that is used to help support this project.


I will be adding to the list as the project develops.


The links are not sponsored and I will only link to products we personally use and support wholeheartedly. If you purchase items through these links, you have my sincere thanks!



My 2-year old Acer just wasn't up to the job of editing videos, so I invested in this laptop and would definitely recommend. Vastly reduced the editing time and it's by no means the most expensive laptop. Now I just need to learn how to use the software (Filmora 9) and the camera (Panasonic G7).


I was amazed at the quality of the images from this camera. Video is smooth (especially when you learn how to use it) and when you forget to plug in the microphone the sound is surprisingly good. When I start to publish videos hopefully you can look beyond my poor skills and see just how good the camera is.


Conscious that I didn't know what I was doing, I was reluctant to outlay big piles of cash. This tripod does exactly what I want and I was surprised with the quality and durability - after all I intend to use it around building sites and in rough conditions.


As good as the sound was from the camera, I find it frustrating when watching Youtube videos with poor sound, so felt having a decent microphone might help. Now I just need to get over my own camera shyness so I can create some good content!


Worried about filming in low light conditions I invested in 3 of these cheap LED lights, which can fasten together and attach to the camera's shoe. I find they drink batteries very quickly, but definitely help when filming inside, in poor light.

Seagate, 5TB External Hard Drive:

Video clips devour data & even with the Dell G3 laptop having excellent capacity, this external hard drive will be needed to keep all the clips safe.

Laptop Cooling Pad:

Editing videos makes even the Dell G3 breathless - the fans kick in when rendering because of the processor and GPU working over-time.


To help keep the laptop cool I use this cooling pad with 3 built-in fans, which plugs into the laptops USB port. 

The cooling pad is relatively quiet and uses very little power.


I knew the Panasonic camera didn't have the greatest battery life and manufacturer branded batteries were expensive, so I invested in these, which have the same life and come with a double charger.

Blue Yeti Microphone:

The Rode microphone is great when affixed to the camera, however many of my videos have a voice-over. This microphone is fantastic, with different settings to get the sound you want. Hopefully with practice I will perfect the sound levels in my videos using this microphone.

DJI Mavic Drone:

I wanted to take aerial shots around the fishery to show off just how beautiful the site is. However, having tried cheap drones I was concerned about the drone crashing into trees, or falling into the pools. The DJI Mavic drone is brilliant! Easy to fly, fairly good battery life, and the images are amazing.

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