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Throughout this journey we will need a whole host of tools to complete the projects we have planned, the most useful of which I will list below;

Please note: many of these links are affiliate links, so if you purchase any of these items through links on this page, we will receive a small commission that is used to help support this project.


I will be adding to the list as the project develops.


The links are not sponsored and I will only link to products we personally use and support wholeheartedly. If you purchase items through these links, you have my sincere thanks!



Drill / Driver

Impact Driver

Circular Saw

Of all the tools, these are the one's I use the most. I needed a replacement to my 12-year old Ryobi drill / driver, which has seen a lot of action over the year's! Although I considered trying another brand I already had tools from the Ryobi One range and wanted to maintain the compatibility of the batteries and charger.

The umpff generated from the battery probably isn't as good as some, more expensive tools, but so far these have provided me with what I need.

RYOBI one+, Random Orbital Sander:


For Light to medium sanding tasks having a cordless sander is ideal. When coupled with good quality sanding discs it can remove material quickly and effortlessly.

RYOBI one+, 18v chainsaw:

I needed a battery powered chainsaw to compliment my larger Stihl, petrol chainsaw. Something for smaller jobs that's at hand when I need it.

The power generated from the battery probably isn't as good as some, more expensive tools and I considered excluding it from this list of equipment. However in the absence of anything to compare it against I left it on here for now.


STIHL MS231, PETROL chainsaw:

A major work horse for all sorts of jobs. I'm no expert on chainsaw's but the Stihl brand does seem to live up to the reputation. I'm wishing I purchased something with a bigger bar, but for my budget this is doing the job for now. The chain seems to need sharpening frequently, so I might need to invest in a ripper chain soon.


STIHL chainsaw sharpening kit:

For maintaining the chain I use the Stihl filing kit

STIHL chainsaw bag:

Chainsaw's tend to get knocked about due to poor storage and handling, hopefully this bag will help.

My chainsaw is certainly showing wear because I haven't stored it correctly! Just ordered one of these myself.

82CC Petrol Earth Auger:

To make life a little less back-breaking the right tools can make a world of difference.


With lot's of fence posts to dig and plenty of hedgerows and trees to plant there will be plenty of opportunity to test this bit of kit!


Having an 82CC, easy start engine producing 4.3 Horsepower, this should make easy work of digging holes in the ground. It will be interesting to see how it copes with stubborn roots and stones....

I will be posting videos on YouTube showing how this auger performs and will provide a link when I can.

STIHL chainsaw oil:

To keep everything sharp and working as it should.

Jake's Rake 24":

Invaluable for removing Canadian Pond Weed, however this larger rake can be difficult to use with 1-man.


Manual, but completely removes weeds including the root, helping to prevent rapid re-growth and preventing nutrification of the water body.


See Birth of a Fishery for more information. 

Jake's Rake 16":

Invaluable for removing Canadian Pond Weed and much easier for 1-man to use than the larger 24" version.


Manual, but completely removes weeds including the root, helping to prevent rapid re-growth and preventing nutrification of the water body.


See Birth of a Fishery for more information. 


Effective at cutting through stubborn weeds and submerged branches, but leaves the material in the water body where it can break down, causing nutrification and ultimately leading to more aggressive weed growth in the future.


Use in conjunction with manual removal methods.


See Birth of a Fishery for more information. 

Parachute Skimmer, Duck weed removal tool:

That pesky Duck Weed can be difficult to eradicate but this tool will help to keep it under control if used regularly.

I tried to make my own, but after many failures decided to invest in this bit of kit.

See Birth of a Fishery for more information.


To protect valuable tools and equipment we will be fitting outdoor cameras with night vision & floodlighting. Connected to a WIFI network via 4G, these cameras upload video to a cloud server in addition to local storage.

We've had a play and the image is fantastic, both in day and at night, whilst data usage is bearable. Setup is relatively easy, although connecting to a 4G network took a little figuring out. The biggest benefit of this camera and the reason we chose it was the absence of monthly price plans.


We will also be trialling other cameras, and if we can recommend them we will add links below.


I spent some time researching a good set of chisels that will carry out a multitude of tasks.


The Narex brand came up on a number of reliable reviews. The take an edge when sharpening & hold the edge when working.


These should see me through for some time if I look after them.


Having invested in a good set of chisels I intend to look after them by sharpening regularly. This honing strop comes with polishing compound for that final edge.


A full set of coarse, fine & extra fine diamond wet stones for sharpening chisels, blades etc.


Fantastic value....

Honing Guide:

When sharpening chisels keeping the bevel angled correct is of upmost importance. This guide helps to maintain consistent sharpening angles.

Klingspor 5" sanding discs

A review in The Wood Magazine compared several brands of sanding disc, comparing effectiveness, durability and cost.


The Kingsplor's performance fell off the least of those tested, although some brands provided a better finish without having to switch pads to a finer grit.


For the full review check out this link.

Alaskan Chainsaw Mill

At some point I will need to mill my Cedar logs into timber. This Alaskan chainsaw mill is what I will be using.

IEGeek Solar Security Camera

To supplement my Netatmo Presence security camera, I needed something that would be remotely powered, and this seemed to fit the bill. So far I have 2 of these cameras helping to monitor the site and keep everything secure.

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